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The Caesarstone Promise

Caesarstone goes beyond excellence to guarantee that your surface remains safe, durable, and timelessly beautiful.
We'd be happy to answer your questions about your worktop warranty.

Complete peace of mind

Benefit from our commitment to high quality, reliable surfaces that you can depend on for many years to come

Get simple care and maintenance tips

Keep your surface beautiful, it’s low maintenance, easy to clean, and highly durable.

Care & Maintenance

Warranty FAQ

Our quartz & mineral surfaces are highly resistant to just about anything, including cracks, scratches, and stains because they are non-porous. This also eliminates the need for sealing or polishing and reduces bacterial growth potential. You never need to apply a sealer to any Caesarstone surface.

Caesarstone surfaces are durable and nonporous, making them virtually maintenance-free.

Our carefree maintenance and everlasting benefits in performance and appearance give you peace of mind, knowing your surface is completely safe and durable.

Dark surfaces may need more daily maintenance since they are more prone to showing signs of everyday use than light surfaces. All dark surfaces tend to be more sensitive to noticeable scratch marks and should be protected from sharp objects. A patina may be more visible on dark models, so wipe away liquid spills and don’t let them dry out on the surface. The use of cream-textured cleaning products is not recommended on dark surfaces. Check first on an inconspicuous area.

Always use a cutting board, although Caesarstone surfaces are scratch resistant.